Perl last characters

In this article let’s discuss about Perl last characters. Let’s go through the following methods without any delay 🙂

Method 1 : Using substr function

substr has got 3 parameters.
1. The original string
2. Offset – from where the substring starts
3. length – How long the substring is?

# For Perl (language) only

# application
my $sRandom = "Glass half empty, glass half full";
my $sLastFewChars = substr($sRandom,18,15);
print "[ sRandom : '$sRandom' ] \n[ sLastFewChars : '$sLastFewChars' ]" . "\n";

Output : sRandom : Glass half empty, glass half full
sLastFewChars : glass half full

Hope the above methods works for you. Happy Learning and get back to us Anytime.

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