Map merge elixir

In this article let’s discuss about Map merge elixir. Let’s go through the following methods without any delay 🙂

Method 1:

Map can be updated using | operator, like %{map | key : value}. I think it will be very useful to add a similar merge operator, like %{map || key : value, newkey: newvalue}

iex> Map.merge(%{a: 1, b: 2}, %{a: 3, d: 4})
%{a: 3, b: 2, d: 4}
Method 2:

Elixir already has Map.merge/2 and Map.merge/3. The latter allows to pass a function to resolve conflicts between the two maps.

defmodule MapMerge do
  def a ||| b do
    Map.merge(a, b)

import MapMerge
%{foo: 1, bar: 2} ||| %{bar: "overridden", baz: 4}

Hope the above methods works for you. Happy Learning and get back to us Anytime.

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