How to add basic authentication on haproxy backend server

In this article let’s discuss about How to add basic authentication on haproxy backend server. Let’s go through the following methods without any delay 🙂

Method 1:

# haproxy conf
  log   local1
  maxconn 4096

  mode http
  maxconn 2048

userlist AuthUsers
        user admin password $6$SydPP/et7BGN$C5VIhcn6OxuIaLPhCDCmzJyqDYQF8skik3J6sApkXPa6YPSVGutcgQPpdX/VEycGNi3sw7NxLSflEb53gzJtA1

frontend nginx-frontend
  bind *:5000
  mode http
  timeout connect 5s
  timeout client 5s
  timeout server 5s
  default_backend nginx-backend

  acl authusers_acl http_auth(AuthUsers)      
  http-request auth realm nginx-backend if !authusers_acl

backend nginx-backend
  server nginx nginx:80  check inter 5s rise 2 fall 3

# Install this package to generate hash password
sudo apt-get install whois

# mkpasswd -m sha-512 
mkpasswd -m sha-512 admin@456

# expected output

# Copy the generated password and paste in haproxy.cfg file

#Deploy the containers to test configuration

sudo docker run -d --name nginx nginx
sudo docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --name haproxy --link nginx:nginx -v /home/users/haproxy.cfg:/usr/local/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg haproxy

# Check in the browser, username and password will be prompted.

Hope the above methods works for you. Happy Learning and get back to us Anytime.

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