Svn git equivalent commands

In this article let’s discuss about Svn git equivalent commands. Let’s go through the following methods without any delay.

Method 1:

git clone 		Copy a repository 				svn checkout
git commit 		Record changes to file history 	svn commit
git show 		View commit details 			svn cat
git status 		Confirm status 					svn status
git diff 		Check differences 				svn diff
git log 		Check log 						svn log
git add 		Addition 						svn add
git mv 			Move 							svn mv
git rm 			Delete 							svn rm
git checkout 	Cancel change 					svn revert
git reset 		Cancel change 					svn revert
git branch 		Make a branch 					svn copy
git checkout 	Switch branch 					svn switch
git merge 		Merge 							svn merge
git tag 		Create a tag 					svn copy
git pull 		Update 							svn update
git fetch 		Update 							svn update
git push 		It is reflected on the remote 	svn commit
.gitignore 		Ignore file list 				.svnignore

Hope the above solution works.

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